Wipemaster specialise in approved wiping materials for Aerospace, Engineering, Defence and Automotive industries. 

Incorporated Wet Wipes offer control of a measured amount of premixed chemical in a ready-to-use, industry-approved low lint non-woven material. Incorporated wet wipe technology is now proving to be the only safe way to provide the end user with a consistent quality product combined with approved formulation technology.

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Wipemaster Wet Wipes

Wipemaster wipes are impregnated with a special aqueous mixture of solvents and cleaning fluids to remove grease, dirt and marking inks from all metal and composite surfaces. Wipemaster wet wipes eliminate the need for bulk chemicals and solvents on the shop floor and helps comply with local authorities and the ISO14001 environmental management system. 

wipemaster Low Lint wipers

Wipemaster non-woven wipes have great absorbency and wet strength to meet the demands of today's industrial wiping tasks. Chemically resistant to most cleaning agents, the non woven wipes are ideal for general wiping purposes from mopping up spillages to critical wiping in engineering environments. The range of wipes offers the user a bulky, textured, low lint wipe with excellent wet and dry strength. 

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