Cost savings and improvements in your production processes.

We are a company specialised in the sale and implementation of chemical products and specialised equipment for industrial companies. We offer you an excellent selection of the best brands of chemists worldwide, as well as a long experience in the sector that allows us to understand your business perfectly to help you improve your processes and industrial applications.

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Our history

In Antala we have been helping to improve the industrial processes of our clients for more than 20 years.

We started our way in the industrial sector by distributing hand tools and plastics.

Dow Automotive

They bet on us as the only distributor in Spain, Portugal and North Africa. 

We started our specialisation in industrial adhesives and sealants.

Dow Corning

At this point, DowSil has chosen us as its distributor in the same territories.

Became a founding Partner of DGE-Smart Specialty Chemicals.


Distribution agreement with Huntsman.


Currently consolidated in the adhesives sector, we decided to enter the world of lubrication.

Antala UK

We are expanding internationally, specifically in Manchester, UK. Antala UK was born as an official distributor of Dow Automotive.


We introduce Coatings in our product portfolio.

Krytox, JAX y Tectyl

With an extensive background in industrial lubrication, we started the distribution of Krytox, and Jax lubricants; as well as Tectyl-Valvoline anticorrosives.

Speciality Chemicals became 80% of our overall turnover.


Shareholder’s returns exceeds 20% CAGR since founding. 

Our values

We are committed to helping your organization reach its full potential through our technologies.


We consider the inclusion of multiple cultures and identities as an important asset of our company, since it favors respect, equality and creativity, key factors for establishing a good working environment that benefits productivity.


We firmly believe that offering a personalised service is closely linked to the success of our company and the loyalty of our customers. Our internal culture is destined to satisfaction, providing the best possible experience to our clients.


We look for a unique objective: to add value to the user. For this reason we understand our company as an extension of our customers. A close relationship provides us with the fundamental bases to be able to develop our projects in the best possible way.


At present, human capital has become the most important asset for our company. Continuous training is one of the best tools available to keep our team updated and, therefore, ready to offer the best service.


Sustainability is of great importance today. At Antala we make an efficient use of natural energy resources and do everything possible to reduce the environmental impact, pollution and the generation of waste from our commercial activity.


We believe that our long trajectory optimising processes and applications of the industrial sector endorse us as one of the "partners" or more experienced partners in the different industries of our country and throughout Europe thanks to our involvement with the DGE group.

But our goal is that our relationship will last as we are also committed to provide technical support and updates that allow you to always be at the forefront of your business.

Please be advised

As COVID-19 continues to impact many industries, companies and their day-to-day processes, we would like to assure you that Antala Ltd is classified as an “Essential Business” and is open for business as usual. 

We have implemented our continuity plan to maximise the safety of our employees while still providing critical support, sales, and fulfilment services to our domestic and international customers. 

Please contact us via phone, website or email 

We wish you the best during this difficult period.