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Industrial lubricant oils

Industrial lubricant oils

As suppliers of long-life lubrication, lubricating oils are an important part of the secret of our success, their main competence, in addition to the transmission of forces, is the added function of evacuating the heat energy from the place where the slip occurs. Due to their fluidity, they must be specifically directed to the place where contact occurs, since they drain easily. If no special measures are taken, the place where the lubrication occurs will soon dry up.

Some lubricating oils are improved by adding carefully selected additives depending on the requirement or use, providing maximum life and service benefits while maximising the protection of the lubricated element and therefore of the machinery for which they have been selected.

Our range of lubricating oils cover the following types of oils:


-Special mineral base oils (MO)


-Alpha-Polyolefin Base Oils (PAO)


-Diester Base Oils (DE)
-Polyalkylene Glycol Base Oils (PAG)
-Ester Base
Oil -Silicone Base Oil, Dimethyl, Phenyl-Methyl
-Fluorosilicone Base Oil
-Fluorinated Polyether Base Oil.

At the Industrial level, lubrication is vital for the perfect operation of practically all the elements that are in close contact and in motion, especially the industrial machinery. Without industrial lubricating oils, almost all machines will be damaged by wear and tear and therefore long-lasting protection of the oils increases the life of critical components, reducing maintenance costs associated with lubrication, component failure and machine downtime.

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