COX & MK (Sulzer Brands)

PC COX is the market leader in manual, pneumatic and battery-powered applicators for sealants and adhesives; as well as all cartridge combinations. 

Originally founded in 1958, PC Cox has become part of the SULZER company; a world leader in manual and pneumatic applicator design and production with various force ratios for sealants and adhesives on single-component and bi-cartridge systems

Why use Cox Adhesive Applicators?

Adaptation and flexibility are key words for the development of PC Cox (Sulzer) product.

Pneumatic applicators

Pneumatic applicators automatically facilitate the work processes you need to finish them with unique quality and detail. Pneumatic applicators allow teams to optimise their application processes for cost and time savings.

Battery powered applicators

The Cox brand of battery powered applicators are essential for optimising process and will help you get your job done faster and easier. With this you can achieve a cleanliness and detail in your work in order to carry out an impeccable action.

Cox Adhesive Applicator Guns Brochures

The brand provides  fully integrated application systems for packaging, mixing, dosing and dispensing. Our innovation and expertise allows us to provide solutions 

across varying industries.

Cox Brand Technical Articles

Below you can find the latest technical articles from the brand of Cox adhesive applicators that have been published on our blog of the industrial sector.

cox sulzer

Sulzer acquired PC Cox

Sulzer acquired PC Cox Group Ltd. Through the complementary acquisition, Sulzer Mixpac becomes the market leader in dispensers for disposable mixers in industrial applications. Sulzer

COX 2K Cordless Dispenser

New COX 2K Cordless Dispenser (18V)

PC Cox are proud to announce the introduction of the new two component (2k) cordless dispenser. This tool uses the same class leading cordless technology


Visit PC Cox at Bondexpo 2015

Powerful  twin-rack system  has more than 6.5kN   of thrust. Perfect far all anchoring, glazing & automotive applications. Ideal far all high viscosity materials. Pre-production tools will

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