Xiameter is Dow’s trademark for its line of silicone rubbers, lubricants, emulsions and silicone fluids, polymers for high-temperature applications, release agents, resins resistant to very high temperatures, liquid silicone for molds, defoamers and water repellents.

Xiameter silicones, fluids & rubbers

Dow Corning is the world's leading producer of silicon and silicone-based technology, with over 60 years of experience, in 2002 created Xiameter to bring its silicone technology closer to the needs of users.

Silicone fluids

They are so diverse that they can be more fluid than water or more viscous than gum. They are highly transparent and are used as lubricants, mechanical fluids, heat transfer fluids, release agents, defoamers, electrical insulators (PMX-200, PMX-0245, PMX-561).

Silicone emulsions

They are stable whitish mixtures of silicone and water available in a wide range of PH and active ingredients, and are useful for many sectors, from automobiles to skin moisturisers and hair conditioners. (MEM-0036, MEM-0346)

Silicone rubber

Due to their versatility and unique properties, silicone rubbers are used in injection molding in baby care products and even in high voltage insulators among many others. Rubber can be solid or liquid; making it diverse and widely used in various industries.

Silicone defoamers

Due to their versatility, Xiameter silicone defoamers can improve all kinds of chemical manufacturing processes, from dyeing textiles to beverage fermentation, production and use of detergents. Some products comply with food regulations.


Silanes are made up of four different chemical groups. One of the main advantages of these silicones is that they are highly versatile and can improve adhesion and dielectric properties; while acting as water repellents.


The resins provide extremely long-lasting resistance at extreme temperatures of up to 760ºC. They are compatible with most organic resins, are easily pigmentable and exist in solid and liquid form, pure or diluted in organic solvents


With Xiameter silicone molds, you can create hard but flexible molds to reproduce intricate details and give high-quality replicas. Furthermore, they cure by condensation or by addition, the latter being especially resistant to many resins.

Release agents

They can be emulsions or resins and can be used for the release of all kinds of products such as plastics, rubber, metals, concrete and precast. They extend the durability of the mold; reducing maintenance and cycle times.

Xiameter brand technical articles

Below you can find the latest technical articles from the brand of silicones, fluids and rubbers Xiameter that have been published in our blog of the industrial sector.

Xiameter PMX-561 Feature Image

Silicone Solution for the Energy Industry

High thermal stability and oxidation resistance – good electrical properties over a wide temperature range  Environmentally safe – classified as non-hazardous and non-halogenated and with