Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane Adhesives

Polyurethane adhesives have excellent flexibility, durability and are suitable for bonding the most diverse materials. Polyurethane’s adapt to multiple requirements and provide extra protection in tough conditions.


  • Good elasticity
  • Good resistance to multiple chemicals and heat
  • Suitability as a filling and levelling product

All polyurethane adhesives use of compounds that contain nitrogen-carbon-oxygen groups. These compounds easily react with a variety of other chemical groups; although there are a variety of polyurethane products with various characteristics.

Polyurethane adhesives are subjected to the most demanding tests(tensile, shear, tear, impact) to verify adhesion on different substrates. Likewise, polyurethane adhesives successfully pass multi-year weather tests for heat, cold and salt exposure, as required by different manufacturers and industries such as automotive, rail and transport.

Polyurethane adhesives with conventional curing

One-component systems with conventional curing are easy and efficient to use. The adhesive is applied with a gun and then allowed to cure. Conventional curing systems rely on atmospheric humidity to cure. The lower the temperature and moisture content in the air, the slower the cure speed of the adhesive.

Fast cure polyurethane adhesives

Rapid cure polyurethane adhesives are a one-component system that contains enhanced chemical crosslinking to accelerate bonding. Polyurethanes use Dupont’s patented Accelerated Isotropic Network Structure (AINS) technology. AINS requires less moisture for curing and quickly creates uniform reinforced properties. Along with this, polyurethanes absorb and dissipate collision stresses faster than conventionally cured adhesives, as well as developing high initial strength, resulting in faster placement times.

Polyurethane adhesives with chemical curing

Chemically cured polyurethanes solve the problems of adverse temperature and humidity conditions because they do not depend on atmospheric humidity for curing. The two-component system cures chemically. The dynamic mixer evenly mixes the adhesive and the accelerator to create the proper mix to achieve a premium bond; ensuring high-quality application and performance.

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