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solutions for Aerospace Industry


Antala offers a wide range of bonding solutions for production, maintenance and repairs in the aerospace industry to aeronautical design engineers. Our products are developed to meet the demanding specifications of aircraft manufacturers, ensuring all requirements are met.

They are used in all phases of the life cycle, from OEM design to the manufacture of original components for passenger aircraft, helicopters, regional aircraft and general aviation applications.

The sectors we supply


We supply more than 700 customers around the world, including OEMs, MROs and other tiers of the supply chain.

Military and Defence

We supply the MoD and their contractors and service providers in more than 20 countries around the world.

General Aviation

We are a respected name in General Aviation, we support a diverse customer base ranging from Private pilots to Microlights.

adhesives for Aerospace Industry

Many epoxy and polyurethane adhesives have low flame, smoke and toxicity characteristics that are required to comply with civil and military aviation regulations. In addition to this, they have better bonding and sealing properties in plastics, metals, composites and other substrates. 

The ranges of industrial chemicals supplied by Antala also improve production processes and significantly reduce weight compared to other methods. In addition, manufacturers can request specific features, such as high resistance to fatigue, chemicals, temperature and slippage, as well as mechanical properties that range from high rigidity to great flexibility, or excellent long-term durability.

Lubricants for Aerospace Industry

Our lubricants for the high-performance aviation industry provide excellent performance and quality to meet the most challenging and complex requirements of car manufacturers or OEMs, and top-level suppliers or TIERs. Our oils, greases and anti-friction coatings also provide lasting functionality and high performance lubrication in extreme conditions.

Electronic protection products for Aerospace Industry

We offer you a great selection of the best brands of pottings, encapsulants, lacquers, sealants and varnishes for the electronic protection of components of the aeronautical industry. These products are coating and protection materials that are applied to PCBs (printed circuit boards) to protect them from impacts, corrosion and external conditions.

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we face the challenges of the aviation sector

Emission Reduction

Reducing the weight of vehicles thanks to the use of adhesives reduces fuel consumption. On the other hand, the use of a good lubricant helps correct operation.

Acceleration of cure cycles

With the use of our adhesive technology, a great initial green resistance is achieved that allows you to reduce the times of your production chain.

Weight reduction or Lightweighting

The ability to join materials such as composites allows reducing the weight of aircraft and improving energy efficiency by designing much lighter planes.

Resistance to impacts and wear

The use of high performance adhesives and encapsulants in vehicles helps resist impacts while lubricants reduce the wear of the most important components.

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