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Born2Bond White Label Anaerobic Range: What is Born2Bond’s ‘White Label’ Packaging?

User-friendliness and sustainability are at the forefront of the thinking behind Born2Bond’s White Label Anaerobic range, an approach setting the standards for anaerobic packaging.

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Bostik’s White Label anaerobic packaging is thus named as it’s entirely free of any hazard-warning labels. Certified as non-hazardous by Classification, Labelling, and Packaging (CLP), when designing the new Born2Bond White Label Anaerobic packaging, Bostik sought to address the traditional pitfalls of the standard market packaging, freeing their new design of the challenges users face when working with competitor products. In doing so, Bostik has created the market-leading packaging for a product formulated for sustainability, workplace safety, and enhanced performance, the White Label’Anaerobic Range.

Regular anaerobics adhesive users will be familiar with some of the more inadequate design features and issues encountered when using market-standard anaerobic products. Perhaps most noticeably — the majority of market-standard anaerobics require a cutter to open and dispense the material. Cutter use means that such products don’t possess a resealable cap or dosing nozzle, and as such, drips and leaks are commonplace. Another major issue within the dispensing design of most standard anaerobics is the use of a metal pin with the head or nozzle. This simple design feature has unwanted consequences as it renders the otherwise plastic-recyclable packaging non-recyclable.

This is where Born2Bond’s Anaerobic White Label range differs, it features a user-friendly, no-drip dosing nozzle and click-cap, removing the need for a cutter and avoiding unnecessary dripping and leaks. The click-cap, nozzle and bottle are made from 100% recyclable plastic, meaning the entire packaging is recyclable as a single unit, a far more sustainable solution for your inventory than the market standard products. The pipe sealing and gasketing products within the range — GA-WL and PA-WL — feature an innovative accordion design, the best of its kind, allowing for precise “by-the-dot” application, whilst the threadlocking and retaining products — RA-WL and TA-WL — are just as easy to dispense for the their required applications with a fine and precise tip.  And, of course, you won’t find the typical hazard-warning labels as the Born2Bond Anaerobic White Label range has a hazard-free formulation that is better for you and the environment.

The rear side of the label features a barcode and a QR code, both handy tools as a barcode helps you keep track of your inventory whilst the QR code handily points you to the product’s MSDS and TDS. Whereas most market-standard anaerobic products feature labels that are subject to wear and tear or peeling, Born2Bond’s White Label Anaerobic range features a helpfully coated label to ensure it stays in place and remains resistant to peeling or damage. And, lastly, the Born2Bond White Label Anaerobic range measures its contents in millilitres rather than the standard market-standard grams. When considering the density of an anaerobic, it’s likely you’re getting more product from the Born2Bond White Label range than a competitor product with similar-sized packaging measured in grams.

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