KAJO biodegradable lubricants and greases provide almost 50 years of experience in the market. KAJO lubricants are tailored to the agricultural, railway and marine industries; covering an array of environmentally demanding applications. In 2006, they established KAJO-Tec GmbH where technology, innovation and environmental sustainability are its main hallmarks. KAJO has focused on the environment since the late 1980s; creating a range of superior quality and sustainable products, as certified by the EU Ecolabel and Blue Angel environmental labels.

KAJO biodegradable lubricants

Founded in 1976, KAJO offer biodegradable lubricating greases and oils for a wide variety of applications. Given that we pay special attention to environmental protection and sustainability, our portfolio includes numerous biodegradable products, certified with the European Ecolabel.

KAJO Featured Industrial Lubricants

The lubricant brand KAJO stands out for its portfolio of sustainable, technologically advanced and high-performance lubricants suitable for different applications within the general industry. They are environmentally friendly as endorsed by the Ecolabel and Blue Angel certifications.

KAJO brand technical articles

Below you can find the latest technical articles from the KAJO brand of biodegradable industrial lubricants that have been published on our blog.

marine grease

A Guide to High Performing Marine Grease

In this article, we explore the importance of marine grease for maximising the service life and efficiency of marine machinery, in addition to our top marine greases for this purpose.


What Is Wear & How to Prevent It

Tribology is the science that studies friction, wear, and lubrication of touching surfaces in relative motion. It relies on concepts coming from materials science, physics, and chemistry among others,

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