Silane-Modified Polymers (SMP) Adhesives

Silane-Modified Polymers (SMP) Adhesives

MSP or SMP adhesives and sealants are based on Kaneka’s unique Silane-terminated structure, also known as Modified Silane Polymer (MSP) or  Silane Modified Polymer (SMP).

SMP industrial adhesives and sealants are environmentally friendly and free of solvents, isocyanates and silicones. They combine the mechanical properties of polyurethanes with tensile strengths of up to 6 MPa and the weather resistance of silicones. They can cure at room temperature in the presence of humidity or without presence using 2-component systems, remain flexible for a long time and are resistant to weathering and UV rays. Furthermore, they can be sanded, painted and the pretreatment of substrates is eliminated or minimised, while guaranteeing optimum elongation and high properties of tensile strength, flexibility and tear resistance.

SMP industrial adhesives and sealants are used for the manufacture and repair of vehicles, buses, caravans and refrigerated trucks in the automotive industry; train cars in the railway industry; containers, structures and metal in the general industry, as well as in the construction and repair of boats in the marine sector.

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