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Antala Welcomes MG Chemicals to Brand Portfolio

We’re proud to announce our new partnership with MG Chemicals, a leading specialist chemical manufacturer of solutions for the electronics industry.

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Antala & MGC

Antala Ltd., alongside DGE – Smart Specialty Chemicals, are proud to announce a new partnership with MG Chemicals, a specialist manufacturer of solutions for the electronics industry. Founded in Canada in 1955 and strategically headquartered close to the Eastern Seaboard for convenient proximity to an abundance of raw materials, throughout the years MG Chemicals  have developed a diverse portfolio of products for the electronics industry aimed at improving performance and optimising manufacturing processes. In 2015, MG Chemicals brought their longstanding experience to UK shores with a base in Manchester, and today, the partnership between MG Chemicals and Antala Ltd. brings best-in-class solutions to electronics manufacturers across the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

A well-known manufacturer of electronics solutions for automotive, lighting, aerospace, and general industry, the MG Chemicals portfolio consists of the following specialist products; 

  • Conformal Coatings
  • Encapsulation Resins
  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Lubricants for Electronics
  • Conductive Paints
  • Adhesives for Electronics
  • Electronic Maintenance

Conformal Coatings

Conformal coatings are thin polymeric films protecting a PCB against adverse environmental conditions such as humidity, dust, chemical vapours, fungus, and corrosion. Conformal coatings were initially adopted by the automotive and aerospace industries to provide a lightweight solution that extends the life of electronics. Today, where demands on product reliability are ever-increasing, the user base of conformal coatings has grown to include many consumer and domestic electronic applications. MG Chemicals has developed an expansive portfolio of conformal coatings to meet the current challenges of circuit board protection. Through a wide range of chemistries including acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, and UV cure, users can find a customised solution that balances protection requirements with processing needs. 

Encapsulation Resins

Encapsulation resins and gels offer excellent protection and ruggisation of electronics. They are typically applied at a minimum of 5 mm above the top of the highest electronic component and can help protect against intellectual property theft. Encapsulation resins offer ultimate protection, extending the lifespan and reliability of encapsulated electronic components. MG Chemicals has formulated a series of high-quality potting compounds for the electronics industry. The product line comprises an extensive range of chemistries, including epoxies and polyurethanes. These materials add mechanical strength to the assembly housings, fill large voids, insulate components from static discharge and protect against exposure to chemicals, humidity, and saltwater. 

Thermal Management Materials

Thermal Management Materials are designed to mitigate the problems caused by increased heat exposure due to the miniaturisation of electronics and increased demands on upper operating temperatures. Thermal Management Materials come in numerous forms but act uniformly, drawing heat away from electronic components to a heat sink or metal housing. MG Chemicals have developed a range of Thermal Management Materials including Thermally Conductive Adhesives, Thermal Pastes, Thermal Gap Fillers, and Liquid Thermal Gels, all for the dissipation and management of heat. 

Lubricants For Electronics

MG Chemicals lubricants and greases are formulated to insulate electronic components from corrosion caused by high humidity, accidental spills and high-salt environments, preventing unit breakdowns. MG Chemicals comprehensive line of lubricants and greases is designed to address the many needs of the electronic components industry and offers conductive lubricants to improve electrical and thermal conductivity, dielectric greases protect against moisture, corrosion and arcing, thermal greases formulated to bond uneven surfaces and dissipate heat, and high performance lubricants. 

Conductive Paints

Electrically conductive paint is made by mixing an electrically conductive pigment into a non-conductive resin binder. The binder holds the paint together and provides adhesion, while the conductive filler provides the electrical pathway. Electrical charges travel through the conductive fillers, making short jumps through the matrix between particles when necessary. This works best when the fillers are highly concentrated and in the shape of flakes of tubes. 


Adhesives and sealants have numerous electronic applications, from joining protective housings to bonding components on a PCB. They’re available in various bond strengths and elasticities to ensure design flexibility, long-term performance, and component reliability — even under harsh operating conditions. MG Chemicals offers a wide variety of one- and two-component adhesive systems designed to meet the highest industry performance requirements. They bond to similar and dissimilar substrates including metals, composites, wood, glass, and most plastics. 

Electronic Maintenance

The MG Chemicals line of electronic maintenance cleaners comprise a full range of products that meet cleaning requirements specific to the electronics industry. A great MRO tool, these cleaners are effective against contaminants common to electronics. Whether you need to clean PCBs prior to applying conformal coatings or remove oxides on electrical contacts, the MG Chemicals line of electronic maintenance solutions has you covered. 

To explore the full MG Chemicals product portfolio and for more information about the brand, head to the newly created MG Chemicals brand page, here.


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