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EMF and RFI Shielding with Conductive Paints

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EMF (electromagnetic field) and RFI (radio-frequency interference) shielding controls interference within a given area by using barriers of conductive materials to weaken or redirect these fields. Shielding is used extensively within the manufacturing of electronic devices to prevent unwanted interference in components. Typical electronic devices, such as laptops or smartphones, ordinarily use EMF shielding materials to contain electromagnetic emissions. Conductive paints are one of the primary and most effective methods when shielding electronic devices. Conductive paints establish a conductive layer on the applied surface; this layer disrupts electromagnetic waves by reflecting or absorbing them, thereby reducing or eliminating the amount of radiation penetrating the barrier.

MG Chemicals offers high-quality conductive paints for EMF/EMI (electromagnetic interference) and RFI shielding. These products combine electrically conductive pigments with non-conductive binders, creating an effective barrier against the impacts of EMF and RFI. The binder holds the paint together and provides adhesion whilst electrical charges travel through the conductive fillers, making short jumps through the matrix between particles when necessary.

MG Chemicals Conductive Paints Performance

Carbon Powder

Carbon powder-based paints, including graphite-based paints, are the most cost-effective option. They offer slightly lower conductivity than metal-based paints like nickel. However, they’re effective in low-frequency shielding. 

MG Chemicals 838AR – Total Ground Carbon Conductive Paint

838ARThis superb carbon paint is highly conductive, durable, and abrasion-resistant, making it perfect for various industrial processes. Its excellent adhesion to plastics and strong corrosion resistance make it highly versatile and suitable for marine and maritime applications. 838AR provides more than 52 dB of RFI shielding at frequencies less than 1 MHz, making the product an ideal choice for low-frequency RFI shielding applications such as metal detectors and other devices where a metal-filled conductive paint would cause malfunction. 

MG Chemicals 839 – Super Shield Graphite Conductive Coating (MTO)

MG Chemicals Super Shield Graphite Coating is a cost-effective acrylic paint that creates static-free surfaces, effectively reducing low-frequency EMF/RFI. Tough and durable, MG Chemicals 839 is perfect for outdoor use as it’s resistant to abrasion, oxidation, and extreme thermal cycling. The product’s graphite filler is responsible for its standout performance, providing a unique solution for shielding entire rooms or laboratories against low frequencies. MG 839 is durable, repairable, removable, weatherable, and corrosion-proof, and thus an excellent cost-effective solution for low-frequency EMF/RFI shielding. 

Nickel Flake 

Nickel flake-based paints boast superior conductivity to carbon powder, often translating to more effective shielding across a broader range of electromagnetic frequencies. Nickel flake paints mitigate EMF and RFI, making them well-suited for grounding electronic components or enclosures. Nickel flake-based paints often display exceptional resistance to corrosion, making them a valuable choice for projects involving high humidity or saltwater environments.

MG Chemicals 841ER – Super Shield Nickel Epoxy Conductive Coating

841ERMG Chemicals Super Shield Nickel Epoxy Conductive Coating offers robust industrial strength, corrosion resistance, and RFI shielding. This two-part epoxy paint is pigmented with high-conductive nickel flake to provide excellent conductivity alongside extreme durability and adhesion. Adhering to numerous substrates such as metal, glass, ceramics, and most plastics, MG Chemicals 841ER displays superior resistance to scratches, corrosion, and harsh environments, ensuring your equipment operates at peak performance. An excellent choice for RFI shielding, 841ER is also a reliable grounding solution.

MG Chemicals 841WB – Super Shield Water-based Nickel Conductive Coating

841WBThis Super Shield Water-based Conductive Coating is the perfect solution for nickel-based EMF shielding. This easy-to-use, water-based paint offers superior protection against electromagnetic waves and radiation. Frequently used in applications such as musical instruments, wood, drywall, and plastics, 841WB is a non-flammable, environmentally friendly conductive paint for EMF shielding. Blocking electromagnetic radiation interference from Wi-Fi signals, phone towers, power lines, and more, 841WB is a high-quality solution for EMF shielding.

Silver Flake 

Silver flake-based paints are ordinarily the more expensive option. However, silver offers superior conductivity and the most effective shielding for a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies. Silver flake boasts exceptional performance and effectiveness and proves especially useful in applications exposed to high electromagnetic interference or those seeking maximum protection.

MG Chemicals 842ARL – Silver Conductive Paint

842ARLThe MG Chemicals 842ARL offers best-in-class electromagnetic protection. This high-performance, one-part silver acrylic paint cures at room temperature and delivers excellent shielding across the spectrum. Engineered with silver flake, 842ARL provides superior conductivity even at low film thickness, making it a cost-effective solution for the automotive, aerospace, and communications industries. Besides 842ARL’s technical prowess, this conductive paint provides an appealing, lustrous aesthetic finish after being applied by brush or spray. 842ARL has a hazardous air pollutant-free (HAPs) formulation, making it environmentally safe and user-friendly.

Antala Ltd. offers a range of MG Chemicals silver flake-based conductive paints, including
842ER, 842UR, 843AR, 843ER, 843WB, 843AR, 843ER, and 843WB. These products have different binders – epoxy, urethane, copper, and acrylic – making them suitable for various applications. 

Binding Systems 

Binding systems can vary greatly. The choice of binder can impact conductivity and shielding effectiveness, though not as much as the choice of filler. Binders play a more significant role in determining the adhesion, chemical resistance, and durability of the coating and how the coating shall be applied. MG Chemicals offers conductive paints formulated with solvent-based-acrylic, water-based, epoxy, and urethane binding systems. For the best solution for your application, contact us to speak to a technical expert.

Antala Ltd. is the UK and Republic of Ireland’s premier distributor of
MG Chemicals products. Founded in 1955, MG Chemicals has developed a diverse portfolio of products for the electronics industry, bringing their longstanding North American experience to UK shores in 2015. For more information, contact us via our website or call 0161 494 1345 to speak to a technical expert today.


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