Silicones, Fluids and Rubbers

Dow Corning is the world’s largest producer of silicon-based technology and silicone, more than 60 years of experience, created in 2002 to bring Xiameter silicone technology to the needs of users.

The products developed in recent years of the line Xiameter are silicone rubbers, lubricants, silicone fluids and emulsions, polymers for high temperature applications, release agents, resins resistant to high temperature, for liquid silicone molds, defoamers and repellents the water.

The brand , offers among thousands of standard silicones fluids and rubbers, available through your local distributor. Of course, all our products offer you the proven quality and global security of supply you expect from Dow Corning.

So with this brand, you can get all the standard silicones, fluids and rubbers you need, the way that works best for you.

Xiameter products

Silicone fluids

Silicone fluids can be water or fluid more viscous than gum, however, always they conform to the shape of its container. They are used as lubricants, mechanical fluids, heat transfer fluids, release agents, defoamers, electrical insulators (PMX-200, PMX-0245, PMX-561)

Silicone emulsions

With its luster, luster and improved properties, silicone emulsions are useful for many sectors, from automobiles to polishes skin moisturizers and hair conditioners. Silicone fluids are emulsified in water. ( MEM-0036, MEM-0346 )

Silicone rubber

Because of its versatility, silicone rubbers are used in injection molding products for the care of babies and even high-voltage insulators and many others. The rubber can be solid or liquid ( RBL-2004, RBL-1551P )

Silicone defoamers

Silicone defoamers, can improve all types of manufacturing processes of chemical products, from textile dyeing, fermentation of drinks, production and use of detergents. Some products comply with food law ( AFE-1520 )


It comprises four different chemical groups, these highly versatile silicones can improve adhesion and dielectric properties, and also act as moisture repellent.


The resins provide an extremely durable resistance to extreme temperatures up to 760 ° C. They can alone or in formulations used surface finishes.

Silicone molds (moldmaking)

Silicone fluids are used to make flexible molds resistant to most casting resins used to make copies or prototypes. They may be condensation or addition.



  • Media damping
  • Basis for lubricants
  • Food-grade lubrication
  • Shine enhancer
  • Injection rubber parts
  • Defoamers for food industry


Antala adhesives

Silicones, Fluids and Rubber Simplified from Dow Corning

Xiameter Brochures

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Silicone Foams

Xiameter foams

Silicone foam control

Xiameter foam control

Water repellents Selector Guide

Xiameter Water repellents

Silicone release agents

Xiameter Silicone release agents

Foam for industry & household cleaning

Xiameter Foam for industry

Foam control products for agriculture

Xiameter Foam control products for agriculture

Defoamers. Tips

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Beverage foam control

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Food grade defoamers

Xiameter Food grade defoamers

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Xiameter Moldmaking

Chemical composition of Silanes

Xiameter Chemical composition of Silanes

Xiameter Videos

Silicones Simplified

The brand industry pioneer brings comfort and profitability for buyers of standard silicones. To helpprospects in emerging markets understand the extreme versatility and value of using silicone materials in their products, we have created a series of short educational videos. Shown in online as well as in meetings and one-on-one presentations, videos arepersonalized for various vertical markets, including automotive, solarenergy, health and beauty, and power transmission.

Liquid silicone rubber

The Xiameter RBL 9200 Series liquid silicone rubber of DowCorning sets new performance standards LSR. Easier processing and faster cycle times can help increase performance and reducecosts in parts, keyboards, kitchenware and baby care products for the car.




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