Permabond Initiator 43

Permabond Initiator 43 is an easy to use, no mix resin and initiator system.

Permabond Initiator 43

Permabond Initiator 43 is solvent free initiator for acrylic adhesives. Suitable for use on difficult to bond plastics. 


The initiator is versatile in its application, where it can be sprayed, brushed or wiped onto the part to create a thin even coating. The formulation allows a long open time or alternatively parts can be bonded immediately.


  • Suitable for use with Permabond structural acrylic (TA) adhesives
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  • Quick and easy to use
  • Brush on liquid
  • Use with Permabond Structural (TA) adhesives

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces should be clean, dry and grease-free before applying Initiator 41
  • Brush, wipe or spray Permabond Initiator 43 onto part
  • Apply the Permabond TA structural acrylic to the part
  • Parts should be clamped firmly and left for the duration of the handling time
  • Allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours at 23°C.
  • To remove any excess initiator, a suitable alcohol such as isopropanol, acetone or MEK can be used.
    You can read more about Surface Preparation here 

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